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Get 10% Off your next order by applying this coupon code at Checkout: SAVE10
Get 10% Off your next order by applying this coupon code at Checkout: SAVE10

Best Dog Beds | Pet Anxiety Calming Beds- For all Sizes of Pets

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$32.74 - $72.04
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Ease your Dogs' anxiety and support better sleep with these new Luxury Plush Calming Dog Beds

🐾 Extremely high quality

🐾 Ultra Soft

🐾 Made of Vegan Fur

🐾 Extra Comfortable

Anxiety is common in dogs, with 1 in 4 experiencing it daily. Being left alone causes a build-up of stress which ultimately can lead to destructive tendencies and behavioral problems, affected appetite, and a reduced life span.

The Solution Our Anti Anxiety Pet Beds: Sleep is vital for your dog's health! Dogs sleep throughout the day but only spend around 10% of their rest in deep sleep. Better supporting their daily sleep schedule by giving them a more comfortable sleep environment will contribute to better resting and a happier, healthier

Frequently asked questions

What size shall I get for my dog?

Take a look at our detailed size guide for information on which size will perfectly suit your dog.

How is it different from any other dog bed?

Our Cosy Calming Pet Bed Cozy is specially designed to reduce your dog's anxiety and stress. It does this by providing luxurious comfort by the ultra-soft premium material along with the raised rim to create a sense of security for your furry friend. Our dog bed has a track record of providing restful sleep leading to improved behavior and better health for both cats and dogs.

Can you machine wash it?

Yes! Wash the dog bed in the following settings: gentle cycle, tumble dry, low heat.

What material is it made of?

Our Cosy Calming Pet Bed is filled with premium quality virgin cotton, made of luxurious faux fur & durable nylon to ensure your furry friend surrounded by love & warmth.